Leo Estate Consulting and Design


Jayne Trachsel Portrait

Jayne Trachsel AIA-CA

Certified Appraiser, Auctioneer, Artist

Stratford, ON

By Appointment Only

blue glass pitchers

"Know it's value before it's sold". If you need help with the cataloguing and selling of household goods after the passing of a loved one or you are just downsizing and wanting to sell some antiques and collectables or need someone to look over your items before you put them out for a yard sale, I can help, call me (519)301-3242 for an appointment.

Services Include:
  • Verbal Consulting of Estate Goods
  • Disbursement of Estate Goods
  • Original Design Work
  • Written Cataloguing of Estate Goods
  • Verbal Consulting before Yard Sale
  • Estate Sales

With over 35 years experience in the Antique and Collectable trade, I am offering my knowledge to help get through new estate tax deadlines as smoothly and quickly as possible. If you need an original art design for a logo or business card, please make an appointment.