Jayne Trachsel Portrait

Jayne Trachsel AIA-CA

Certified Appraiser, Auctioneer, Artist

Stratford, ON

By Appointment Only

Genevieve S.

  • Jayne has been very helpful in determining the value and dispensing of many of my items. I am very satsified with her service.

Corinne Nadjiwon

  • I contacted Jayne in the fall after the death of my mother. She agreed to meet me in the next few days at the family home to do an appraisal of the art and jewelry in the home. I very much enjoyed the time we spent while Jayne completed her appraisal.

    The written report was completed in a very timely manner and included photographs, notes on the art and artists and market values. The fee charged was very reasonable. Her report is being used to complete the probate of the estate. As the executor of the estate I feel confident that the information I have supplied is complete and accurate. I would highly recommend Jayne.

Ruth Leistner

  • What do you do with over 65 years of accumulation of both parents? I tried yard sales but they are time consuming and not very profitable. I contacted Jayne Trachsel for advice. She came to my parents' home and looked through the items I had organized for a yard sale and also went through the house picking out items that were of value. Later, she contacted me with an interested buyer and the results of our business. I was very satisfied that she had done her best to please not only the buyer but me as well. When I have another lot of goods ready, she will be the first one I will call!

Craig Musselman

  • Jayne has been my antique consultant from the purchase of my very first antique. Several decades later, I still consult her before making big purchases or selling items I am not sure about!